A variety of services

Throughout the installation life-cycle, PEME GOURDIN provides a range of specialized on-site and workshop-based maintenance, repair and refurbishment services.

On-site Maintenance

Our teams adapt, modify and upgrade your equipments:

  • Erection and commission support and supervision
  • Alignment and facility inspection
  • In-situ tests
  • Vibratory analysis, heat build-up testing
  • Energy balance and maintenance optimization advice.

Workshop-based repairs and refurbishment

Over the last 20 years, the company has developed specific know-how in the refurbishment of equipment in operation. These workshop-based refurbishment services guarantee the durability of machinery that has worked effectively for decades.

Our services offer equipment a second life, particularly with the restoration of mechanical dimensions by replacing all wear parts, restoration of hydraulic clearances helping restore the original energy efficiencies, as well as an internal and external surface treatment.

We thus offer operators the opportunity to adapt the characteristics of the pumps in place to any upgrades and run the machinery at optimum efficiency, reducing energy consumptions and maintenance risks.

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